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Floth Mechanical Tags and Air Terminals Update (Available on Floth UNIFI)

ARey | Published wed Jul 05, 2017 2:11 pm | 3145 Views

Greetings Floth Revit/BIM Team,

We now have the capability to detail our Revit models with workshop level tags for all of our mechanical items including fittings and accessories. Tags available include:

This allows for a higher level of document detail especially where we are engaged to deliver 300-400 LOD documents & models. All of the tags work with the mechanical families avaliable on UNIFI and in the mechanical template. 

Another update to our UNIFI mechanical content is the allocation of our air terminals to their native service category - e.g. All supply air grilles are set as supply air to automatically create the correct system type when modelling, instead of having to connect a 'generic' grille type into a supply system duct and acquire the system type. This update allows streamlining of the modelling process and should also avoid possible unallocated systems types in the systems browser. Again, these air terminals are available on Floth UNIFI - enjoy. 

Thanks to Phil for the hard work he has put in to getting the tags to this level. This great work increases the value of our content, documentation, and models that go out into the industry. 


Andrew Reynolds

National BIM Manager

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